About Bruce Gorcyca…

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Bruce is now an old fart who worked in U.S. law enforcement with the DoJ and U.S. Treasury Department after being honorably discharged from the U.S. Coast Guard where his unit received a commendation award for saving a few lives during Hurricane Eloise.  Bruce was Rescue Boat Captain (Coxswain) and also a Security Officer trained to investigate. He became a whistle-blower of IRS, FBI, and other government and corporate corruption after working as a marketing executive for a $7 Billion Fortune 500 Company before leaving to sell luxury yachts in Miami.  He sold a speedboat to the CEO of a government front company who recruited Bruce to “come make the big bucks” Bruce would write a tell all 39 chapter book about all that he witnessed and knew about the secret Panama Bank Accounts of 87 government officials, massive money laundering, murders, torture of U.S. citizens etc.  But those book manuscripts were seized by the FBI at gun-point without a warrant, and an elaborate smear campaign was launched against him. To learn more about this story and how the USA arranged to have him jailed without charges in China for 485 days incommunicado in China just visit and read these 7 links below which also contain over 100 editorials. poems by Bruce that were published in five countries, and details of how he was tortured by U.S. officials in solitary confinement for 90 days.  In short, Bruce is just one of 800 former/current political prisoners of the United States government. Government hackers have corrupted, “redirected” or deleted over two dozen links about Bruce over the last 10 years if said links gave him too much credibility. While in China he re-wrote his book and expanded it to 47 chapters but threats to kill his wife and kids kept the book from being published.





Sorting Facts From Fiction…



Bruce is a native of Parma, Ohio where he graduated from Padua Franciscan High School. He is tri-lingual and holds three bachelor degrees in Business Administration, Public Administration and Political Science. He resided in China for 11 years before being kidnapped by the FBI for fabricated charges that were twice dismissed by two honest U.S. Federal Judges in Brooklyn, New York. EDNY case nos. 07-CR-608 (Weinstein) and 08-CR-09 (Block) Also see case no. 07-CV-3066 (Ammon) You can view these files at https://pacer.gov.

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