Stop living the lies of government censorship and corruption. IF we demand the truth about this Corona Virus Pandemic, we will find it. The hidden agendas must be exposed so we can reboot our nation without the greedy oligarchs still driving the bus.


Dear Global Citizens…

No matter from where you hail or what language you speak, we all have five very basic things in common that few can deny;

1.  We like the same things… great foods, music, great movies, fun travel, stable lives, and security for our loved ones.

2.  We all hate the very same things… being lied to, betrayed, exploited, excessive taxes, censorship, social injustice, and corrupt governments.

3.  We all fear the same things… war, economic depressions, violent crimes, and now a global pandemic of a strange and puzzling origin.

4.  We all want a better life for our children and grandchildren when we pass.

5.  We all want change from the current status quo of gross income disparity and a growing spread of oligarchies in the world which is slowly being drained of equal opportunities, privacy, and personal rights.

Despite our common desires, fears, and needs, we often feel helpless to effect any real changes and feel obligated to conform to unacceptable or unethical norms that have gradually been imposed on us by governments that serve the wealthiest 1% of our various nations, which as documented by a great book (CAPITAL by Thomas Piketty). This fortunate 1% now control 60% of the world’s wealth and if current trends are not stopped, will exceed 80% within the next 10-15 years. It is certainly not a crime to be successful if that success is legitimate and did not cause suffering, loss, or misery for others. I for one, found Piketty’s book to be an 11th hour wake-up call and wish every world citizen would read it and then THINK.

Now, if you think I am going to start ranting about some crazy conspiracy theory, I want to remind you of three very famous quotes…

“Our minds are like parachutes since they both work best when they are open”

“Everything Hitler did was 100% legal in Germany at the time”.

“What you don’t know CAN hurt you”.


Considering that we are all now locked down in a self-quarantined state with plenty of extra time on our hands, please read this before I continue to reveal the true origin of this man-Corona Virus and the probable hidden agenda behind this Pandemic;

25 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Be True

Please keep in mind that all large national governments do three evil and very unethical things that have historically been proven since the 2013 revelations of Edward Snowden and the incredible 2012-2017 leaks of Julian Assange and the many whistle-blowers they inspired…

A) They spend billions of dollars every year on propaganda, fake news, and disinformation to make us all as citizens fear, mistrust, and misunderstand each other as global neighbors.

B) They collectively CENSOR one-third of the internet and rely on fake and scripted news (as CNN and other media whistle-blowers have confirmed) to control what information they want or need us to see, while hiding war crimes, corruption, and such things as the missing $6.5 Trillion from the U.S. Treasury.

C) They use massive domestic surveillance to keep track of gun owners, protesters, and even people who exercise their Freedom of Speech and Press to write articles like this, and even imprison the most vocal of the bunch on fabricated charges. For examples visit


Assuming that you can accept all of the above to be true, it really does not matter what flavor of politics you prefer. Red, blue, or green because we are all victims and economic targets of the 1% who embrace globalization that can further consolidate their extreme wealth.  The banksters have already profited more than $10 billion per month from the crisis and stand to earn over $1 Trillion profits on bailouts

But now lets focus on the true origins of this Corona Virus Pandemic… Every respected virologist and epidemiologist will admit the following cannot be disproved nor factually disputed;

* The Corona Virus and/or COVID-19 is absolutely a man-made virus designed for bio warfare use even though the U.S. government has pledged in many international treaties since 1932 to abstain from such development and destroy all stockpiles of deadly pathogens. So while we did indeed shut down the old Fort Detrick laboratory run by the U.S. Army about 5 years ago, Uncles Sam opened a much larger secret facility abroad near Tblisi in Georgia as you can see here at this comprehensive link. It is called the Lugar Center and it has been hidden from all of us, even though our tax dollars paid for it!


* So how did this Corona Virus (first bio-engineered back in the 1980s and upgraded (and even patented in 2007, 2015, and 2018) get launched and distributed?  For this you need to read this article by retired U.S. Marine Colonel Gordon Duff:  After reading this shocking but enlightening article most Americans will find themselves in disbelief & denial, until they actually see this old New York Times article from many years ago And just recently The Times of Israel leaked further confirmation as you can read for yourself


*Every government of every nation has been spoon-feeding their own spin to controlled medias for their own political convenience. After all, this is an election year in America and the truth is not a priority to any candidate. So who can we trust for accurate information after we discovered that the WHO has been corrupted and manipulated and Bill Gates has some very disturbing links to the creation of this Pandemic and promotion of the use of vaccines to drastically and selectively reduce the world’s population, and his 2018 suggestion we all get chip implants for tracking purposes. While he and has family never were vaccinated for any disease, he wants the rest of us to adopt his draconian plan without question. Crazy? Read the five posts about Gates at  and look at these patents issued to Gates and his proxy companies…

The Dark Truth About Fauci and Birx, Bill Gates And Globalist Elites


Dr. Fauci himself slipped while giving a speech and admitted that the Corona/Covid 19 virus did not originate in Wuhan China but he never once corrected the U.S. news media when other CDC officials were pointing their fingers at China.  Why did he stay silent?  As you will see in the interview with  Dr. Judu Mikovits, another CDC veteran scientist,Dr. Fauci conspired with Bill Gates and the WHO to profit from this pandemic crisis.: Listen carefully as she names the people that had to be bribed. For telling the truth. Dr.Mikovits was arrested and jailed by the FBI without any criminal charges. As you hear Dr. Mikowitzs say herself,,, The deadly ebola virus was unable to attack and infect human beings until the U.S. Army taught the virus how to kill humans with some bio engineering tweaking. So when 12,000 West Africans died of Ebola, we have to ask ourselves, was this yet another human bio weapon experiment?  Our American government has a looooong shameful history of experimenting on people without full disclorue as you can read here…

Why have you not heard about any of this on CNN, CBS MSNBC, ABC or in any major newspaper or news outlet?  CENSORSHIP  and media manipulation is the short answer. Here is proof of the orchestrated social media collusion:


The chart below shows yet another reason WHY we believe that everything we see on TV or in a newspaper simply “must be true”.  In the age of Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, and Peter Jennings that was almost always true as these top drawer news anchors had enough personal pride and professional integrity, they would never go along with anything they knew to be untrue. But once they passed or retired, their replacements were given new marching orders to report as directed without question or lose your cushy and lucrative jobs. Then the media consolidation trend began, and now only six companies control what you are fed daily on TV or in magazines and newspapers wrongly labeled as “news”, when “propaganda machines” would be a more fitting classification for the bunch, not unlike the Xinhua News Service that controls every media outlet in China!

3db240fc953fdda2a6ed60ce47b44c111456d7d3ea8981ee750ff9989bdcb8ea (1)

BTW… Sweden never locked down their society and took their chances with the virus.  They sensed a hyped fear-mongering campaign by the international bankers and western news media, and a corrupted WHO. As you can see here they have the same mortality rate as the U.S. The American lock-down has tanked their economy and soon will be facing at least a 20% unemployment rate or even another Great Depression. If you think I am exaggerating, please watch this video made by a leading economist who is much respected in the world.

Having investigated all of the above, an intelligent person might now be asking… Is this deadly Corona Virus pandemic all an evil sham – the final false flag operation? Six elements of such a fraud have now surfaced;







Here is yet another chart that confirms the Pandemic fraud of the WHO, CDC and all the doctors they pay $13,000 for every patient they say died of Covid!

One last chart below show all the countries with pandemic infections. There are two problems with these numbers…  First, If you calculate the average infection, mortality, and recovery rates for the Corona virus based on this chart, you will see that the United States has a much higher mortality rate than other countries. How can this be?  Well look at that first red and blue chart and above and now remember that in America doctors are being paid $13,000 for everyone of their clients who die from Covid, and $39,000 if they died from Covid and were put on a respirator before they died.  So when a patient dies from pneumonia, or a heart attack, or food poisoning etc. It is only a stroke of a doctor’s pen that can magically transform that client into a Covid death and Kaching! – another $13,000. Not bad for a day’s work eh?

So, what’s the end game? Ron Paul, Edward Snowden, Tom Fitton. David Icke, Alex Jones, Robert Kennedy Jr,, Elon Musk, and even a retired CIA agent fear it may be this unpleasant scenario…

And if you truly still believe that America’s richest man Bill Gates is a wonderful and generous man (as I did for the last 50 years) you will change your mind after watching this unauthorized biography and searching his name at  Prepare to be outraged.


Now remember what I said about “what we don’t know can hurt us”?  How many of us knew that FEMA secretly built 800 detention centers all over America since 2010 that are completely empty yet guarded by U.S. military soldiers? They have the capacity to imprison 2 million protesters. Don’t believe it? Here are the photos and locations of every camp across America. Old abandoned Walmart buildings closed in recent years are also being refurbished as FEMA detention centers in some states. Search it online if you need/want more information. The billionaire Walton family get a helluva tax deduction for donating these unwanted, unsaleable eye sores to FEMA.


The Governor of California has already said Martial Law might be inevitable, but most people do not even know how drastically life would change under martial law. How drastically? Well here are the 10 Executive Orders secretly signed by Presidents Bush and Obama over the last 20 years…


If you want more truth about the Corona/Covid virus, trust only the Pasteur Institute of France which has not yet lied about any aspect of the disease, nor it’s spread.

Be keenly aware and on guard against fake news and this latest deception technology which could turn Mother Teresa into a ghetto street whore in only 30 minutes;

Deep Fakes


But all is NOT gloom and doom friends.  Although the 1% want us to feel helpless and be 100% compliant and submissive to their plans, we all have the right to reject vaccines, implants, and legally resist their impositions of martial law and yet unknown plans. Since we all enjoy great movies, let me leave you with a handful to give you more insight into what can be believed and how we can find a common solution in every country on Earth.







There are 7 Billion of us and only 300,000 of them. United we cannot be oppressed further, and we can enable ourselves to remove the greedy banksters and their 1% colleagues from power. If you truly love your children, prove it. Speak out and give this article to all your friends, colleagues, and relatives. It is indeed time for a change, and time for the truth.

P.S. If you want to read more about topics you were never meant to see, these best-seller books and web-sites are guaranteed to put your jaw on the floor…

TRUST ME I’M LYING  By Ryan Holiday




CAPITAL by Tom Piketty

THE SECRET TEAM  By Fletcher Prouty


Thomas Jefferson engraving after painting by Rembrandt Peale.

The Banksters want to “Save You” From The Corona Virus, and Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, & George Soros are helping them design the Rescue Plan – So pay attention citizen!


I just want to prepare the naive and gullible “We The Sheeple” for the “Great News” that will soon becoming our way after at least 1 million people die from the Corona virus agenda (assuming you read about the Bill Gates/George Soros connection). DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD THAT COMES FROM THE MOUTHS OF THE THREE PEOPLE BELOW – THEY ARE ALL PUPPETS OF THE NWO BANKSTERS AS YOU WILL SEE IF YOU BOTHER TO READ THE LINKS HEREIN. They want us all chipped – ostensibly in the name of public safety (Really!)

Gates-Corona Agenda

While you are reading these very words the elite Banksters of the world (In fact the very people that own and operate the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank) are bribing key members of Congress to introduce and pass a new Federal law that may be passed as “The American Corona Rescue Act” or some similar clever name hailed as “America’s Financial Salvation” with a generous rescue package that will be offered to just about everyone in America, just like when huge mortgages were handed out like candy in 2005-2007. It may look like this…

A) $100,000 low-interest (5%-10%) government loan to every home-owner financially depleted from the Corona shut-down with 36-60 months to repay.

B) $300,000 low-interest (5%-10%) government loan to every small business-owner financially depleted from the Corona shut-down with 36-60 months to repay.

C) $50,000 low-interest (5%-10%) government loan to every American who became unemployed from the Corona shut-down with 36-60 months to repay.

Of course, for Big Business, those companies that employed more than 1,000 employees in America or 10,000 in China, Vietnam, or elsewhere abroad, they will be able to repatriate their billions in overseas profits “tax-free” and be allowed to sell “Special Premium Bonds” that pay buyers a 10% dividend every 5 years they hold it and the bankers a 2% facilitation fee for every 5 years they administer the gold mine project. I’m whacko you say?  The banks have already profited $10 Billion in just one month from this crisis only in America. READ…

Since nobody will have any confidence or money left to invest in the stock markets, these new bonds will appear quite attractive but few will notice they are issued by some new subsidiary of the company with the lowest NAV (Net Asset Value) so if too many people want to cash-out at the same time, they will merely file for bankruptcy and settle for pennies on the dollar.  In reality, over $40 Trillion has now been lost from the world economy and our leaders are not even talking about the elephant in the room. 80% of food service and travel industry may have permanently lost their jobs and HR experts agree we will actually be lucky if we return to work with a 20% unemployment rate. If consumers continue to live in anxiety, fearful to spend their money, it will be even more for our economy to rebound.


The 1% are able to absorb the economic hit of this pandemic and will be consolidating their wealth even further by buying up prime real-estate at bargain basement prices at government auctions. Massive defaults will soon be in our headlines and a second great depression is not guaranteed but highly probably as this insightful video explains;

FYI… There was an FBI investigation underway against Anthony Fauci for possible collusion with the  NIH/WHO, George Soros and Bill Gates. Can you guess who called off the dogs and for how much? Sounds crazy eh? Just do your homework and learn who really created the 1929 crash that became the great depression!

More recently just recall the 2008 economic collapse caused by planned mortgage fraud scheme and how the likes of Angelo Mozillo (Countryside) and Lloyd Blankfein (CEO of Goldman Sachs) and a dozen banking families earned over a Trillion dollars in profits while the rest of America was plunged into anxious misery and bankruptcy for a decade.

Friends, there are less than 900 people pulling all the strings and levers behind the big curtain including Gates, Soros, the Bush and Clinton families, and they are all linked to these 8 families one way or another:

Those of us who dare to share the details of their greedy alliances get hammered and censored into silence like Glenn Greenwald, Alex Jones, Julian Assange, etc. Because the mainstream media is so full of fake and well-spun “news” most of us turned to the internet and use our own brain to sort fact from fiction these days. This scares the hell out of the elite oligarchs who fear their greedy plans for globalization and depopulation agendas will be exposed by simple bloggers like this guy…

An insider from the Rockefeller Foundation who previously confirmed secret underground housing for the elite at Weather Mountain, now says that the Corona virus crisis is also serving as a test of public compliance and submission without question to government commands (just short of martial law). Similar tests were done during the Obama administration when efforts to persuade citizens to surrender their guns failed miserably. Laugh all you like, but just remember there are now 800 empty FEMA prison camps all built within the last 10 years guarded by U.S. military personnel with the capacity to hold up to 2 million “non-compliant” citizens/protesters. Here are their locations and related details
Yet another similar “test” is the balloon recently floated by CDC puppet Anthony Fauci that Americans be implanted with the electronic chip developed by Bill Gates…

While Chinese, Koreans, Germans, Canadians, and Norwegians are already returning to their jobs in Economies that survived the MAN-MADE Corona scourge, We Americans are still being fed gloom and doom news and pushed to the edge of panic. Why? Think about this after reading these three articles;

REPORT: Sweden Ignored Coronavirus Fears, Kept Economy Open, Yet Has A Mortality Rate Similar To America’s

The Countries That Are Succeeding at Flattening the Curve

HUGE! Results from Breaking Chloroquine Study Show 100% Cure Rate for Patients Infected with the Coronavirus

My fellow-Amerians, we are NOT at all in a hopeless situation but the wealthiest 1% want us to believe otherwise. They want us in a frenzied panic so they can be our “saviors”. If you even suspect that half of what you just learned may actually be true, please take the next step and watch this movie with your loved ones…  If we do NOTHING, this is what awaits us as predicted by the top economists in the world.  At least now we have a choice. By 2021 this choice will be gone. What do YOU want to do friends?

Forget about Republican, Democrat, etc. It makes no difference at all. Our common enemies are the banksters and their now-visible support group as explained in the above movie. Enjoy the flick, and then decide if YOU have had enough of the economic manipulation. If not, you had better stock up on plenty of Vaseline soon. Still think Bill Gates is a “Good Samaritan”? Check the Internet archives and simply search “Bill Gates Jeff Epstein”. Ask Bill why he doesn’t vaccinate his own kids?


P.S. If you really have a hard time wrapping your head around this Gates / Soros / Oligarch global scheme READ UP and watch this short video…

Bill Gates Has Been Controlling WHO,-Pharma,-Gates.aspx

Robert Kennedy Jr & Ron Paul Come Out Against Fauci & Gates


Smearing Whistle Blower Bruce Gorcyca – Almost Locked Away For 15 Years – Part 3 of 6

A busniessman crosses his fingers behind his back while he takes an oath

When Bruce would not shut up about the murder of IRS Agent Liston Smith and the hit list. The feds recruited a jailhouse “witness” named Neil Keenan and offered him his freedom in exchange for a few lies. They had Keenan write a false statement that Bruce was plotting the murder of his ex girlfriend’s new boyfriend, both of whom were Metro Dade police officers. If the scheme worked, Bruce would be locked away for 15 years, and nobody would listen to the rants and pleas of some guy who tried to kill a cop. The problem is the truth and misfortune both got in the way and really pissed off a fairly honest judge named Sydney Shapiro in Miami.

You see, the day that Neil claimed Bruce supposedly admitted waiting for his victim to come out of his apartment to be killed, Bruce was actually on a date with a beautiful girl named Mirriam Rodriguez of Miami at Everglades National Park where tragedy had struck twice for the couple. While riding their bicycles through the park, a huge dragon fly the size of a pigeon landed on Mirriam’s shoulder and scared the beejesus out her causing her to crash her bike, skin here knee and sprain her ankle – all in less than 1 minute. Anyone who heard her scream would think she was having her limbs ripped off. Big bugs that buzz do that to a girl.

thumbnailSince that accident killed the rest of the bicycle hike, Bruce tried to make lemonade from the lemons and suggested they take an airboat tour of the Everglades and look at the wildlife – mostly deer, alligators, racoon, and a hundred or so variety of birds. Still in pain, she agreed that might be fun, so they found a big country boy who rents airboats and they asked him for a guided tour. For $200 an hour he happily agreed. This would be a big mistake, but one that Bruce would be very grateful for a few weeks later.

Neither Bruce nor Mirriam knew the good old boy owner/driver of the airboat had a few beers to many and although he told some great jokes and kept them entertained, he had lost his sense of speed and direction. Because the airboat was powered to carry up to 8 passengers and only Bruce and Mirriam were on it, they sped through the tall grass at 70mph. It was exhilarating and…a bit dangerous.  The driver did not see a sandbar and WHAM! They they sat stranded on a sandbar for 3 hours surrounded by curious alligators and mosquitoes that really were.  They would sit there as the sun would set – more than 5 miles from any other human being. When it grew dark and the airboat was missing back at dockside, the other good old boys realized something was wrong and launched a search party of 3 airboats to go look for the trio. It was about this time that federal witness Keenan swore under oath that Bruce was lurking in a Kendal apartment building parking lot waiting to take out a cop. If Neil was believed by a jury, Keenan would be released seven years early from his 10 year sentence.

By the time they were found, Bruce and Mirriam swore they met every single mosquito in Florida and the hundreds of bumps all over their bodies gave testament to this. They arrived back at the dock about 8:00pm and about 9:00pm when Bruce dropped Mirriam at her home. It would truly be a memorable day for every one, but for all the wrong reasons.

Perjury-300x201Thus when Bruce was arrested a few days later and ended up in an attempted murder trial, he was grateful that Keenan picked that particular day as the murder date. Mirriam and the airboat driver told a Miami jury the above story and Mirriam still had the scar on her knee from the bicycle spill. Bruce still had the receipt from the airboat ride.  Shortly after the three testified about their adventure in the Everglades, the trial came to an end and so did Keenan’s lies. The jury took all of 12 minutes to return a verdict of “not guilty” and Judge Shapiro chastised the prosecutor for not checking out Bruce’s version of events for that day. Although Shapiro made it clear that Keenan perjured himself, no criminal charges were brought against him. Why?

The Keenan affair was just one of 4 times the feds tried to have Bruce arrested with fake crime in order to hide real ones. When people use the law and the courts as a political weapon, it is called “Abuse of Process” and it is a felony crime that commands five years in prisons. Yet it is a crime that is almost never prosecuted. Why?  Because it would draw publicity and scrutiny to the entire criminal justice and judicial system from the public and media. But herein lies a very big problem…

Our prisons are full of Neil Keenans – people serving 10-20 years sentences who would say they saw Mother Theresa giving the Pope a blow job if gets them out of jail. In the book Bruce wrote he wrote over 30 pages about the “witnesses for hire” and he even interviewed one named Chester Zukowski of Florida who testified in over 50 trials for the federal prosecutors who used to ask him to rehearse his testimony and memorize scripted responses to questions they would be asked on the stand.

The point I am trying to drive home here is that if Uncle Sam needs you to be guilty of a crime in order to discredit you, they will find a way to make it happen. The same was done to Chip Tatum and Richard Brennecke who also worked  many years for the government and witnesses dozens of crime. These fake criminal charges are standard operating procedures when you start implicating high ranking government official at the Governor level or higher. Judges know the score and pretend they are shocked and surprised when these actor witnesses get tripped up in their lies.

This is why Bruce claimed in his book that up to 15% of prisoners locked p in our jails today may actually be innocent as well as those like Bradley Manning who were intimidated and or psychologically tortured into pleading guilty. So who was Bruce implicating in crimes back in 1985-1986?  Read Part 2 of this 6 part blog series.



People should not go to prison for telling the truth simply because

the truth exposes the lies of government officials. 35 Years?

This is not Nazi Germany – Or is it?