Smearing Whistle Blower Bruce Gorcyca – Almost Locked Away For 15 Years – Part 3 of 6

A busniessman crosses his fingers behind his back while he takes an oath

When Bruce would not shut up about the murder of IRS Agent Liston Smith and the hit list. The feds recruited a jailhouse “witness” named Neil Keenan and offered him his freedom in exchange for a few lies. They had Keenan write a false statement that Bruce was plotting the murder of his ex girlfriend’s new boyfriend, both of whom were Metro Dade police officers. If the scheme worked, Bruce would be locked away for 15 years, and nobody would listen to the rants and pleas of some guy who tried to kill a cop. The problem is the truth and misfortune both got in the way and really pissed off a fairly honest judge named Sydney Shapiro in Miami.

You see, the day that Neil claimed Bruce supposedly admitted waiting for his victim to come out of his apartment to be killed, Bruce was actually on a date with a beautiful girl named Mirriam Rodriguez of Miami at Everglades National Park where tragedy had struck twice for the couple. While riding their bicycles through the park, a huge dragon fly the size of a pigeon landed on Mirriam’s shoulder and scared the beejesus out her causing her to crash her bike, skin here knee and sprain her ankle – all in less than 1 minute. Anyone who heard her scream would think she was having her limbs ripped off. Big bugs that buzz do that to a girl.

thumbnailSince that accident killed the rest of the bicycle hike, Bruce tried to make lemonade from the lemons and suggested they take an airboat tour of the Everglades and look at the wildlife – mostly deer, alligators, racoon, and a hundred or so variety of birds. Still in pain, she agreed that might be fun, so they found a big country boy who rents airboats and they asked him for a guided tour. For $200 an hour he happily agreed. This would be a big mistake, but one that Bruce would be very grateful for a few weeks later.

Neither Bruce nor Mirriam knew the good old boy owner/driver of the airboat had a few beers to many and although he told some great jokes and kept them entertained, he had lost his sense of speed and direction. Because the airboat was powered to carry up to 8 passengers and only Bruce and Mirriam were on it, they sped through the tall grass at 70mph. It was exhilarating and…a bit dangerous.  The driver did not see a sandbar and WHAM! They they sat stranded on a sandbar for 3 hours surrounded by curious alligators and mosquitoes that really were.  They would sit there as the sun would set – more than 5 miles from any other human being. When it grew dark and the airboat was missing back at dockside, the other good old boys realized something was wrong and launched a search party of 3 airboats to go look for the trio. It was about this time that federal witness Keenan swore under oath that Bruce was lurking in a Kendal apartment building parking lot waiting to take out a cop. If Neil was believed by a jury, Keenan would be released seven years early from his 10 year sentence.

By the time they were found, Bruce and Mirriam swore they met every single mosquito in Florida and the hundreds of bumps all over their bodies gave testament to this. They arrived back at the dock about 8:00pm and about 9:00pm when Bruce dropped Mirriam at her home. It would truly be a memorable day for every one, but for all the wrong reasons.

Perjury-300x201Thus when Bruce was arrested a few days later and ended up in an attempted murder trial, he was grateful that Keenan picked that particular day as the murder date. Mirriam and the airboat driver told a Miami jury the above story and Mirriam still had the scar on her knee from the bicycle spill. Bruce still had the receipt from the airboat ride.  Shortly after the three testified about their adventure in the Everglades, the trial came to an end and so did Keenan’s lies. The jury took all of 12 minutes to return a verdict of “not guilty” and Judge Shapiro chastised the prosecutor for not checking out Bruce’s version of events for that day. Although Shapiro made it clear that Keenan perjured himself, no criminal charges were brought against him. Why?

The Keenan affair was just one of 4 times the feds tried to have Bruce arrested with fake crime in order to hide real ones. When people use the law and the courts as a political weapon, it is called “Abuse of Process” and it is a felony crime that commands five years in prisons. Yet it is a crime that is almost never prosecuted. Why?  Because it would draw publicity and scrutiny to the entire criminal justice and judicial system from the public and media. But herein lies a very big problem…

Our prisons are full of Neil Keenans – people serving 10-20 years sentences who would say they saw Mother Theresa giving the Pope a blow job if gets them out of jail. In the book Bruce wrote he wrote over 30 pages about the “witnesses for hire” and he even interviewed one named Chester Zukowski of Florida who testified in over 50 trials for the federal prosecutors who used to ask him to rehearse his testimony and memorize scripted responses to questions they would be asked on the stand.

The point I am trying to drive home here is that if Uncle Sam needs you to be guilty of a crime in order to discredit you, they will find a way to make it happen. The same was done to Chip Tatum and Richard Brennecke who also worked  many years for the government and witnesses dozens of crime. These fake criminal charges are standard operating procedures when you start implicating high ranking government official at the Governor level or higher. Judges know the score and pretend they are shocked and surprised when these actor witnesses get tripped up in their lies.

This is why Bruce claimed in his book that up to 15% of prisoners locked p in our jails today may actually be innocent as well as those like Bradley Manning who were intimidated and or psychologically tortured into pleading guilty. So who was Bruce implicating in crimes back in 1985-1986?  Read Part 2 of this 6 part blog series.



People should not go to prison for telling the truth simply because

the truth exposes the lies of government officials. 35 Years?

This is not Nazi Germany – Or is it?

One thought on “Smearing Whistle Blower Bruce Gorcyca – Almost Locked Away For 15 Years – Part 3 of 6

  1. I know how it feels to have everything taken away by a government/country I would give my life for to protect. I took an oath to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic I didn’t know then it would mean the domestic enemy would be my own government. This same Government that is supposed to protect our rights is really tearing them apart.
    The Government has systematically deleted everything I’ve ever done. The college degrees, the military awards/achievements, deployments and work locations, have all been deleted and/or changed from data bases by the hackers used by the government. The US Government uses hackers to delete things and people that either won’t cooperate or won’t let things go, which in my case, is what they did. I know that the Government uses these people because I worked on Protective Service details guarding them in the early 90’s, while in the Army. The reason, because I wouldn’t stop investigating/gathering information about a theory I had concerning various contractors Blackwater, KBR and Titan Group. I know that they either worked for or with the CIA, to help protect the CIA’s drug smuggling and money laundering. I believed they were culpable in fraud cases as well as the cover ups of the rapes and deaths of American service members (women) in Iraq/Afghanistan between 2001 and 2009, cases that are still under investigation.
    The following are cases that are still open/under investigation:
    US Army Sergeant Melissa Valles, 26, assigned to Headquarters Detachment, Company B, 64th Forward Support Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, Fort Carson, CO, died on July 9, 2003, in Balad, Iraq from two non-combat gunshot wounds to her abdomen.
    US Army interrogator Specialist Alyssa Renee Peterson, 27, assigned to C Company, 311th Military Intelligence Battalion, 101st Airborne Division, Ft. Campbell, KY, was an Arabic linguist who reportedly was very concerned about the manner in which interrogations were being conducted. She died on September 15, 2003 near Tal Afar, Iraq in what the Army described as a gunshot wound to the head, a non-combat, self-inflicted weapons discharge, or suicide. The exit wound was too small to be an M16.
    Army Private Lavena Johnson, was found dead on the military base in Balad, Iraq in July, 2005 and her death characterized by the US Army to be suicide as a self-inflicted M16 gunshot wound. The hole in Lavena’s head appeared to be more the size of a pistol round rather than an M-16 round. The army lied repeatedly and was caught in those lies, her father had to ask for a Congressional act just to receive the details of the investigation.
    Army Private First Class Tina Priest died 2006 on Camp Taji. The Army said Tina was found dead in her room on March 1, 2006, of a self-inflicted M-16 shot, however all attempts to recreate the wound was unsuccessful and the exit wound was too small to be that of an M16.
    Major Gloria Davis died December 12, 2006, one day after allegedly confessing to financial improprieties in the Cockerham bribery case. She was found dead from a gunshot wound. She was reported to have accepted a $225,000 bribe from American defense contractor Lee Dynamics. The gunshot wound to her head was in her left temple, but she was right-handed. Most people who do commit suicide will use their dominant hand.
    Specialist Kamisha J. Block died August, 2007, in what the Army officially characterized as a non-combat incident and told her family was a case of “friendly fire.” Well, if by “friendly” they meant “deliberately killed by a fellow soldier that had been participating in the abuse of her without punishment to date” and by “fire” they meant “shot her five times and then killed himself”,(his death is still under investigation, placement of weapon inconsistent with suicide), then it was an honest assessment of the situation. Otherwise, they just straight out lied to cover up the fact that the Army failed to protect one of its soldiers from abuse from contractors that operate under Military Authority.
    Other suspicious “non-combat related injury” deaths on Camp Taji; Sergeant Jeannette Dunn who died November 26, 2006, Specialist Keisha M. Morgan who died February, 22, 2008.
    On September 28, 2007, Massachusetts Army National Guard Specialist Ciara Durkin, 30, a finance specialist, was found lying near a church on the very secure Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, with a single gunshot wound to her head.
    Army SSG Amy Tirador, died Nov. 4, 2009 in Kirkush, Iraq. The Army is investigating her death, which it says was a noncombat incident. SSG Tirador died from a single gunshot wound in the back of head “execution style”.
    Three had expressed concerns about improprieties or irregularities in their commands (Durkin’s concerns were financial; Davis had given a seven-page deposition on contracting irregularities in Iraq the day before she died; Peterson was concerned about methods of interrogation of Iraqi prisoners). Several had been in touch with their families within days of their deaths and had not expressed feelings of depression (Morgan, Durkin, Davis, Priest, Johnson).
    Do you see a theme here, most women don’t commit suicide with guns. They will use pills, cut their wrist but not guns. Many contractors in Iraq, often carried weapons, technically illegal under United States military law.
    In 2003 I submitted my report about various contractors KBR, Titan Group, Custer Battles and Blackwater contractor’s involvement with defrauding the US Government to my higher echelon headquarters.
    (a)Halliburton’s subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root (a.k.a. RMK/BRJ could not account for $120 million in materiel sent to Vietnam and was investigated several times for overcharging on fuel)for alleged over-billing of the government for oil transportation and food services in Iraq. The contractor’s tent that PFC Johnson was dragged from was a KBR contractor.

    (a1) Stephen Seamans a KBR procurement manager linked to Shabbir Khan, an executive for the Saudi conglomerate Tamimi Global Co. Stephen Seamans gave Shabbir Khan inside information that allows Tamimi to secure a $2 million KBR subcontract to establish a mess hall at a Baghdad palace. Seamans subsequently puts through change orders that inflate the subcontract to $14.4 million.

    (b) Titan had inadequate systems for documenting its billing of the Pentagon for labor costs and for tracking the work of non-American consultants.
    (b1)An overweight woman possibly of Labanese descent, working for the Titan Group. All attempts to locate this individual was unsuccessful. The Titan Group stated they never had anyone of that description working for them. However she was identified on a report in association of “Kilometer 22” and Unit identifiers Code (UIC) W0DA00 and W0DAG8. “Kilometer 22” and both Units were never located.
    (b2) Makram Chams, a Labanese national. Chams would later be identified as the owner of the Kwik-check convenience store where the largest overseas money transfer to the 9/11 terrorists was sent. He was linked to CIA and the capture of the DC9 in 2006 that contained 5.5 tons of cocaine.
    (c) Custer Battles named after Scott Custer a former Army Ranger and Defense Consultant and Michael Battles former Army officer and CIA intelligence officer. The company had never provided airport security before receiving the contract. It also received a $21 million no-bid contract to provide security for the exchange of Iraqi currency. It has been alleged that much of the currency “replaced” by Custer Battles has never been accounted for. The company also allegedly took over abandoned Iraqi-owned forklifts at the airport, repainted them, and then leased them back to the airport authority through a company set up in the Cayman Islands. Custer Battles reportedly set up a number of shell companies in offshore tax havens in Lebanon, Cyprus, and the Cayman Islands to handle the cash flow.
    (d)Blackwater had several former CIA officers working for them from 2001 to 2009
    (d1) Jamie Smith, who became Vice President of Blackwater USA and Blackwater Security Company. Smith was later accused of embellishing his military and contracting record to defraud investors at SCG International Risk
    (d2) Cofer Black, the company’s vice-chairman from 2006 through 2008, was director of the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center (CTC) at the time of the September 11 attacks in 2001. He was the United States Department of State coordinator for counterterrorism with the rank of Ambassador-at-Large from December 2002 to November 2004. After leaving public service, Black became chairman of the privately owned intelligence-gathering company Total Intelligence Solutions, Inc., as well as vice-chairman of Blackwater.
    (d3) Robert Richer was vice president of intelligence until January 2007, when he formed Total Intelligence Solutions. He was formerly the head of the CIA’s Near East Division.
    (d4) Enrique Prado a high-ranking CIA-officer-turned-Blackwater-employee who oversaw units for both the CIA and Blackwater. Blackwater had a 21-man team trained and deployed on a Top Secret project to provide protection for CIA personnel and facilities in Iraq/Afghanistan.
    These facilities are located near every base listed above were a murder was committed. They are drug houses that contained weapon cashes, large sums of money and drugs. One of these facilities was “kilometer 22” that was listed on a CID report that identified the Lebanese female.
    September 2007 Blackwater USA was hired by the Department of Defense Counter-Narcotics Technology Program Office in a five-year contract for equipment, material and services in support of counter-narcotics activities. The contract was worth up to $15 billion. Blackwater USA was also contracted by various foreign governments. The DEA and DoD counter-narcotics program was supported by Blackwater Worldwide in Afghanistan.
    They turn it over to the Army Chief Of Staff GEN Eric Shinseki and CENTCOM Commander GEN Tommy Franks. Both were at FT Hood within a week of each other in 2003. I met with GEN Shinseki, alone, at a Hotel in San Antonio, Texas, overlooking the River Walk. I met with Gen Franks at an unknown private residence located close to Austin, Texas. When I gave my report to him there was another male adult in the room (White male, 175-200lbs in weight, 6-6’3 in height, no fascial hair, hair was thin and brown in color). When I asked his name I was told Mr. Smith by Gen Franks and just to continue.
    My report contained information about individuals, I believed were too important to be questioned and were behind the cover ups involving contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Shortly after General Shinseki and General Franks retired things got really messed up for me. I was court martialed using my undercover identity and sentenced to confinement. I was released in 2004, after just 3 days, and told that it was just a warning to back off. I was told that the court martial would not be placed on my record as long as I kept my mouth shut. I was removed from the CID Command and placed in a Sergeant Major position, where I stayed until I retired.
    From 2007 until 2009 I worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in the OIG office as a Special Investigator. I was tasked to investigate hiring practices of law enforcement agencies at the County, State and Federal levels. I was to check for fraud and if background checks were done correctly.
    I was placed as a Police Officer at the Arkansas State Hospital and later at the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office between September 2007 and August 2008, both of which checked out clear.
    In late 2007 I started investigating the things from my initial report from 2003. It was during those investigations that I uncovered unlawful CIA operations and companies involved with covert domestic and overseas operations, financial frauds, money laundering, drug trafficking, and illegal weapons sales.
    In August 2008 I was placed at the Bonham VA, in Bonham Texas, with the help of then DIA Director LTG Maples, who is a native of Bonham, Texas.
    In early 2009 I was ordered by my supervisors in the DIA to halt these investigations, to destroy my written reports, terminate my informants and make no reference to these criminal and subversive activities implicating high ranking government officials who controlled and manipulated government agencies, contracts and operations.
    Before I retired in 2009 I amended my 2003 report and submitted it to the DIA Deputy Director in person. My report contained a list of high-level people from within the chain of command (“Vulcans”) with secret CIA-funded bank accounts. The accounts were in financial institutions in Hong Kong, Cyprus, Lebanon, Switzerland, and the Caymans. The personal wealth of those who benefited directly from these covert operations now stand at several trillion dollars. It contained proof that they had knowledge of the fraud, rape and murder of the soldiers listed above by Blackwater USA, KBR and L-3 Titan contractors working with the CIA. It contained information on the ongoing covert domestic and overseas operations, financial frauds, money laundering, drug trafficking, and illegal weapons sales by the CIA. I’m sure that my report was sent to Red Wood City, California’s famous U.S. Government paper shredder base.
    I stayed on at the VA at the request of Mike Troutt, who was the only person that had been informed of my status and the investigation of the VA. I had also shared my report with him that I had submitted. Shortly after I retired, I was warned again to back off, by being fired from the VA, and that what I was investigating was way above my pay grade. Mike Troutt was allegedly killed by his wife in a murder suicide on July 1, 2013. Anyone who knew Mike, knew he never slept pass 5:30 am on a work day.
    In 2011 I was indicted for lying on my application for employment with the VA. The government claimed I had submitted a False DD 214, only I didn’t submit the DD 214 in question. In fact I never submitted any DD 214 to any employer while working with the DIA. All DD 214’s were created by the DIA as part of a backstop identity.
    In 2012 I was indicted for being a Felon in possession of a weapon. It’s not an uncommon tactic to discredit anyone exposing government misconduct. False imprisonment and threats against family members seems to be the mainstay to prevent knowledge of these operations from going public.
    Richard Taus was a special agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. U.S. Attorney Louis Freeh, covered up the CIA activities of drug trafficking, the standard procedure of filing false charges against him was put into place. Federal and then cooperating state officials in New York filed false charges against Taus and he was sentenced to 80 years in prison.
    Stephen Crittenden was the head of a secret CIA airline for 16 years. After Crittenden became concerned about the drug trafficking and shut down the airline, the CIA and Justice Department went after him, using the standard false charge routine, and sentencing him to federal prison.
    Darlene Novinger was an FBI operative linked to Operation Neumbus. Darlene’s entire family, her husband, father, mother were all killed.
    Lester Coleman was a part-time agent for the Defense Intelligence Agency was falsely accused of pass port violations and later perjury.
    John Kiriakou, the ex-CIA agent who blew the whistle on the clandestine agency’s torture program, was just recently released from federal prison.
    John F. Abbotsford, a 38-year old Afghan war veteran, that has also served his country as a CIA analyst, has recently been convicted of possession of child pornography.
    Bruce Gorcyca is a USA government whistle blower who is being smeared by professionals on line. He is not now, nor ever was a “wanted pedophile”. What he is and was for thirty years is a government whistle blower who tried to expose a member of the Bush family linked to drug smuggling in Canada for over ten years through a corrupt FBI agent named Terry Nelson who owns a $6 million mansion on Key Biscayne and an even nicer one in Montreal. They have brought more than $1B of drugs into Canada on native aboriginal lands.
    Government officials are linked to the murder of a US Army Colonel Russell Hermann, who was charged with overseeing approximately 175 secret CIA bank accounts.
    The criminal misconduct that I and several government agents and deep-cover agents discovered is just one of hundreds of examples of DOJ attorneys covering up and obstructing justice while simultaneously filing sham charges against those courageous individuals who sought to report the criminal activities!
    Although virtually unknown to the average uninformed American citizen, the United States does have its political prisoners. But instead of imprisoning these government agents and citizens for their political belief, they have become prisoners so as to silence their exposing of criminal activities by people holding key government positions.
    This would include false charges and prison sentences to silence federal agents, such as FBI, DEA, INS, Army CID, NCIS and others, from reporting their knowledge of drug trafficking by the CIA, DEA, and military.
    Those of us falsely accused have suffered great harm, as have our families. But also suffering from this standard practice, involving employees of the various divisions of the U.S. Department of Justice and cooperating federal judges and Supreme Court justices, are the American people. Because of these felony retaliation charges and offenses, the American people are kept uninformed of the criminal and subversive acts perpetrated against them, causing them to continue suffering the great harm that accompanies the various criminal activities detailed and documented in my report.
    I passed five (5) Law Enforcement Background Checks between September 2007 and December 2010, to include finger prints that were sent to the FBI.
    Now how does someone pass that many background checks and all of a sudden become a felon. Because the Government erased my background and used my undercover identity from the court martial. So now I’m a Felon and can’t provide for my family.

    The reason I did not come forward before now was because my family was threatened. They threatened my father saying “he would be killed in a car accident and made to look like a drunk driving accident”, they had pictures of him outside his home drinking. They had pictures of my mother, claimed she would end up in the poor house (their words exactly). My older brother would be put on trial from an older case, they even had the transcripts of the previous case file, and they had picture of him in his Navy uniform. They had pictures of my younger brother at the prison he was at, said he would never make it out of prison, they claimed to make it look like he was jumped. They also had pictures of my ex-wife and son at different places in Sacramento, CA. They said I didn’t want to know what would happen to them.
    The day before my trial the judge was replaced with one with ties to Haliburton out of Houston, Texas. The day of my trial in Sherman, Texas I got my first threat to keep my mouth shut by being tripped, by the Deputy US Marshal, who was in charge of the transport. I fell and split my eye open. The Deputy leaned over and said ”the OGA (Other Government Agencies a.k.a. CIA) want to make sure you have a nice trip”, then laughed. I was told to write a statement exonerating the Deputy or that things could get worse. I was treated at the Red River Hospital later that night. While I was in prison I was constantly being reminded to keep my mouth shut, by being forced to fight. I had over 50 fights while in prison, I would be taken to some remote place, mostly abandoned houses located on the camp I was at in Atlanta, GA. When that didn’t work they would leave threats under my pillow. I had turned one of the threats into the Nurse that ran sick call, which got me put into solitary confinement. The incident was supposedly checked into by the Investigators at the prison. While in there I was denied showers, clean clothes, recreation time and food. The guards would come by and say “the OGA (other Government Agencies aka CIA) wants to know how you’re doing”.
    Since being released from prison I can’t get work that will provide for my family. The Government is now trying to put me back in prison because I refuse to stop using my REAL BACKGROUND.
    Well I’m tired of playing games! I want my life back! My retirement from the Military was stripped from me and also my VA compensation, not to mention my civil rights being violated.
    I have what the Government is saying is me and prove that its bullshit and that it conflicts with itself. Whoever the government got to hack my life didn’t know me or the military very well.
    Thomas Lovette
    SMA, USA Retired

    The following is a list of aliases formerly used to access the money uncovered by Captain Rodney Stich and released in his book Defrauding America. These were changed between 2003 and 2009. The account numbers were also changed but used in the same off shore banking facilities listed above.

    Covert aliases: Real names: ___________________________________
    Irwin M. Peach George HW Bush SR.
    Mr. Bramble George HW Bush
    Commander Quinstar General Hunter Harris, Jr., USAF, (CINCPACAF)
    Mr. Apan Robert W. Jinks
    Mr. Grey Robert Allen
    Farrah Fawn Jackie Vos
    General Shake Gen. Arnold Braswell (CINCPACAF), Hawaii
    Mr. Branch Richard Armitage (was U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense)
    Mr. Denile William Casey (was Director of the CIA)
    Slimey Affirm Stanley Sporkin (legal counsel for CIA, and then a federal judge)
    Captain Perjury Ned Avary
    Attorney Doright Robert Smith
    B.K. Kim Philippine President Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos

    Information and documents released from independent sources all merge into the same story:
    1. Leo Wanta – imprisoned on trumped up tax charges to keep him quiet.
    2. U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence – destroyed on September 11 to keep them quiet.
    3. Derek Vreeland – imprisoned to keep him quiet, now in hiding.
    4. Colonel Erle Cocke – deathbed confession of co-conspirator.
    5. Andrei Kozlov – Russian Central Bank director, gunned down to keep him quiet.
    6. Claire Sterling – international correspondent co-opted and hired by CIA to keep her quiet. Deceased.
    7. V.K. Durham – ignored, but not silenced.
    8. Sterling and Peggy Seagrave – authors and historians, received multiple death threats to prevent publication of their book on the Marcos Gold– now in hiding;
    9. David Guyatt-independent reporter and published author.
    10. Captain Rodney Stich- Former Federal Agent and author.
    11. Ronald Rewald- Former CIA Agent
    12. Richard Taus- Former FBI Agent
    13. Stephen Critteden- flew covert operations for the CIA for 16 years.
    14. Richard Clarke fell victim to a “Vulcan” smear attack in 2003 after he disagreed with policy.
    15. Paul O’neill disagreed with everything from SEC overreach to war in Iraq forced out in 2002.
    16. Joseph Wilson couldn’t find evidence that Iraq had bought Uranium in Niger.
    17. Hans Blix Un’s chief weapon inspector became a target by the “Vulcans” after he refused to say that Iraq had WMD’s.
    18. Scott Ritter another UN inspector was smeared as a child abuser.
    19. Cynthia McKinney former US Rep. from Georgia lost her reelection in 2002 because she believed that BUSH had dealings with arms dealer Carlyle and that 9/11 was a cover up to destroy evidence.


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