10 Things Edward Snowden Didn’t Tell You About Big Brother – Our Beloved Uncle Sam, and his cousins – FBI, NSA & DHS.

I never met nor spoke with international hero and American patriot Edward Snowden, so I cannot even guess why he failed to mention the below technology used by NSA and DHS (ostensibly to protect us!) so I will pick up where he left off – based on my own true life experience while exiled here in China, since I think you really need to know how devious they can be when using these technologies to “protect” us…

  • Not only can NSA remotely activate the microphone and camera on your mobile devices and listen/watch in live to see what you are doing anywhere in the world, (smart phone, lap top, etc), they can insert and remove any file into or from your mobile device or computer no matter what your connection may be (cable, G3, Wi-Fi, Satellite). In my own case they removed a video I had converted to MP4 of a video tape I had provided to former member of Parliament Paul Szabo and in its place inserted a porno video of exactly the same size. The video removed was of corrupt FBI agent named Terry Nelson involved in massive drug smuggling.

Think about this… if you are  someone the pols or feds need to smear or discredit, they can insert incriminating evidence, in the form of files or photos, (that they themselves fabricate) into your computer with any date stamp they like. Conversely they can remove any exculpatory evidence or merely change the date stamp of the file rendering it meaningless. Most juries would never believe this could be done or that people would be evil enough to obstruct justice. Unless you have a disconnected back-up on USB or external hard drive, a defendant would be screwed.

  • They also have the technology to remotely reformat your hard drive (erase it) or they may choose to lock or totally encrypt it as well, or if they prefer insert a key logger program that will capture and send them every thing you type on a daily basis and send it to them via the cloud in real time, or via delayed transmission. In 2012 they erased the entire hard drive of one of my laptops and I was unable to recover the data. Fortunately most of it was backed up elsewhere. The intrusion took place at 3:00 am while I was in dreamland.
  • The FBI’s dirty tricks team has the technology to create/fabricate incriminating email with professional grade email spoofing software that can be inserted into your email log with all the right timestamps, footers, headers, etc. and only someone in forensic IT law enforcement might be able to tell it is a fake email. This email spoofing software is now offered for sale to the public in a “lite” version called Zmail and you can buy it for less than $100 and send emails to Vladimir Putin from Barrack Obama or Kim Kardashian if you like. You only need to know the email addresses of the sender and recipient. So when the public is shown “Email intercepted from terrorists” remember this software. In my own case I received an email that was “forwarded” to me suggesting my wife was having an affair in an effort to break up our family unit. Here you go… go have some fun with your favorite corrupt politician or that mean boss of yours… http://zmail.sourceforge.net/


  • Speaking of emails, they can easily decide what emails you get to receive and which get trashed on the way in or out of your email server. Yes, they can and do delay emails in real time by flagging “key words” in the content with a program they use called “Port Reader”. If they want you to be kept in the dark about any matter they can do so via email interception. In my own case job inquiries and resumes sent out to potential employers were never received and business emails sent to me by business people in America about income opportunities were not received by me in China, no matter whether we used gmail, yahoo, etc. They can easily affect a person’s income stream by not letting you receive proposals, bids, requests for meetings, inquires, cancellations, etc. They certainly do not seek court orders for this sort of personal sabotage.

Yes, there is truly a cyber war being quietly waged between East and West, but less than 1% of U.S. citizens are involved – directly or indirectly according to FBI admissions. As of January of 2014, NSA had to admit that despite all their wholesale spying on U.S. residents, they had no advance clue of the Boston bombing nor any other attack on U.S. assets gleaned from SIGNIT, (electronic signal intelligence).

NSA claimed they were only looking for “meta data” but according FBI insiders who confided anonymously with Foreign Policy magazine…

“The FBI has configured its port reader to intercept all metadata – including packet size, port label, and IPv6 flow data – that exceeds what the law permits, according to one industry source.

Here’s a link to a 2006 court case elaborating on what counts as metadata for pen register and trap and trace orders. In it, the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., ruled that federal law “unambiguously authorize[s]” the government to use such an order to obtain all information about an e-mail account except “the Subject: line and body of the communication.”

The devil is always in the details, and even federal judges are confused and often misled by the DoJ on the meaning of verbiage used in the Patriot Act because a single word “process” can be interpreted for convenience in a very ambiguous manner.  This clever wording was deliberately done by design to avoid the requirement of a court order.  See these links and just assume you no longer have any privacy on the net or on your phone.



  • They now have the technology (and have had it for at least a year or perhaps much longer) to remotely listen into conversations inside an automobile that is equipped with Onstar Sattelite communications link. In 2014, after I gave a training session to a deputy governor of the People’s Bank Of China, he offered me a ride in his car because it was raining. We had a conversation about China’s plans to buy all future oil contracts only in rmb and other currency related issues. Two days later, I was picked up and interrogated by U.S. agents in Beijing about this conversation and was asked to betray my friendship with my student. When I tried to play dumb about the conversation, they played a recording of it to me that was crystal clear. No, I did not betray my student.  I also learned there is yet another way to monitor conversations in a car but it is old school and requires a tail car or overhead drone to be within 100 meters and they use an FM bug. The new tech is light years ahead.

  • DHS and NSA now have the technology today to covertly duplicate the voice of any person within a matter of hours to be so exact that even a spouse would be fooled. Again a “lite” version of this this software is available to the public and you can hear samples of famous celebrities at this link: https://www.cereproc.com/en/text-to-speech-cloning-voices  China also has similar technology but does not even come close in quality to the American-made technology that would fool your own mother if she heard your synthesized voice they can duplicate perfectly after only sampling your voice patterns for about an hour.  So was that really Bin Laden’s voice they played on the evening news so many times, or a replication?  Think of the evil applications that this technology makes possible – like blackmailing foreign leaders whose voice can be made to say anything, perhaps a raunchy call to an underage girl, or a some secretive talk about bio-weaponry, or Julian Assange admitting he raped some young girl, or ?????

In 2014, I received a call from an old friend who used to be an investigative reporter asking me to send him copies of 27 audio recordings of various law enforcement officials, and information I obtained from another friend Karlheinz Schreiber who retired from his arms dealing business recently. The voice was familiar and exact.  The caller had me fooled completely – until I asked him three questions, about Jorge/George Morales , Steve Finta, and Renee Benitez that caught the impersonating caller off guard and he had to change the subject because he clearly did not know who I was talking about, despite the fact he had been investigating all three for NBC News for several months year ago. The real journalist would have been able to respond intelligently to my questions about George’s murder, Steve’s fake heart attack, and the 30 year imprisonment and betrayal of Benitez.

In 2013, I had received a similar call from an alleged agent for “Phoenix Group Publishing”, allegedly a foreign subsidiary of the huge publisher Harper set up offshore only to publish “controversial non-fiction books of a political nature” She claimed her name was “Trisha McKenzie” and she wanted to meet with me about publishing my book and she claimed to have read several chapters and would like to have the complete manuscripts to review. She even agreed to sign a non-disclosure agreement with me. When I asked how she got any of my manuscripts to read (I had only given copies to five trusted friends to hold and hide for me) she said that my Ohio neighbor and best childhood friend had met with her secretly to seek help for me, and gave her five sample chapters to read. Considering that Mike had just passed away from cancer the year before, she knew that I could not verify her claims, but since I promised my wife I would never publish the book after our son was born, she did not get what she wanted, even after offering a $100,000 advance. I now notice the nice fake web site for Phoenix Publishing Group is gone as is the Linked Page for Patricia McKenzie, both of which she referred me to in 2013. Hmmm. Check this out: https://decryptedmatrix.com/your-voice-is-being-used-to-id-and-track-you/


  • Since Bill Gates sold out to the feds on citizen spying and Microsoft bought out Skype in 2013, all Skype traffic is monitored and they have the ability to block connections and transfer of files at will by user names. They can remotely block on a wholesale or specific basis – automatically or on a real-time selective basis. In 2014, I was able to reconnect after the 30 year absence of another close friend and famous political prisoner the world knew only as “Gary Betzner”. Gary was the key pilot for Oliver North’s secret Contra operation who delivered guns and drugs for the famous top secret Contragate scandal after things were exposed when Gene Hasenfus’s C123 was shot down in Central America . Gary and I spent time together and apart in the solitary confinement unit at MCC Miami in 1986-87, along with Jorge/George Morales and Erling Ingvaldsen, Jesus Garcia and other political prisoners of America. We crossed paths only because I saw a movie trailer related to a film being made about Gary’s life and I tracked him down through the producer.

We finally hooked up on Skype and had lots of catching up to do. But as soon as we started talking about my exile in China and which corrupt agents were involved (known to both Gary and myself), we were disconnected and could not reconnect on Skype – ever again. We found another way to communicate, and soon that channel was also blocked. I then learned that Gary was trying to call me on my mobile phone in China and he was angry that I was not answering his calls. On my end the phone never even rang. Likewise, when I was given a number to call Gary back in Arkansas, the call I made just rang and rang with no answer. Using various settings and a VPN, Skype can temporarily be fooled for one or two calls to get through, but anything said will be recorded. When I tried to transfer Gary a copy of a Private Investigator’s 11 page sworn report, the file transfer was blocked.

  • Fake Security Updates of Windows 7: Microsoft has always allowed back door entry into your computers to the feds since Vista was launched, but the feds wanted more than just access, they wanted insertions of their Trojans and keylogger malware with signatures undetectable to every anti-virus and malware detection program known to mankind. Although the Chinese discovered the spyware was built into Windows 8, Windows 7 accomplishes the same results to “security updates” users just assume to be legitimate, and most are. However, as I found out in 2013 after I installed some special Chinese software in conjunction with “Hi-Jack This” and “Win Direct”, I discovered some “unusual” installations that disabled my selection of “no automatic Windows updates” . This made me suspicious enough to consult with a local IT genius in Beijing who confirmed Windows 7 can be remotely activated to install spyware bundled with random “security updates”. How long they have had this capability is unknown. No matter how many times I have “disabled” automatic updates, they just keep a coming.  So whenever I go online I work as if a federal agent is sitting right next to me videotaping every key stroke.


  • Internet Forum Fraud: Freedom of Speech On the internet is really a myth. As recently demonstrated at Thebeijinger.com, Uncle Sam and false “patriots” they recruit often censor and otherwise tamper with unfavorable comments made about American foreign polices, war crimes, etc. or to smear a dissident like myself. Over the past five years over 3 dozen threads about the chemical weapons used in Fallujah, the Bradley Manning “Collateral Murder” video, America’s Banksters, the missing Iraq billions, the missing $2.3 Trillion from the Defense Department, Haliburton’s $39 Bllion in Iraq War profits, American foreign drone deaths of kids and civilians, etc, were all remotely deleted from theBeijinger and I saved the screen shots to prove it if anyone doubts this. When myself and two other users exposed this censorship and demanded an explanation from thebeijinger.com (American owned cut-out company) all of our comments were deleted and we were banned.  Recently after I tried to expose a China Internship scam along with a victim named Winnie Maliko who was instructed to commit a felony crime by a company I had infiltrated to investigate, both Winnie and I had our comments deleted and we were blocked from forum access. http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=681817 With no other way to challenge and expose the fraud, we resorted to making a few false accounts so we could publicly expose the censorship, but we then noticed that anyone and everyone who disagreed with smear story was being deleted and blocked. Winnie can confirm this manipulation directly at her Linked page or with a PM at realscam.com and scam-detector.com where she made some uncensored comments where her user name is YeYeHoo86. The admin of thebeijinger even went so far as to create a new user name for me and make impersonated false statements under my name and then even inserted my image from a hijacked newspaper article. About 90% of my friends and colleagues believe the ruse. As people in Florida recently learned, Uncle Sam hires and embeds over a thousand of “journalists” and bloggers all over the world to spin the “news” with a self-serving, biased agenda. See http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2012/sep/04/cnn-business-state-sponsored-news


  • Massive Internet Censorship: Approximately one-third of the internet is censored from public view and only about 50% of the deletions are hateful, child porn, obscene, or otherwise qualified for removal. As Google admitted in 2012, about half of all removal requests are coming from government sources and are of a political nature. See http://edition.cnn.com/2012/06/18/tech/web/google-transparency-report/  But what google refuse to remove, government hacks delete on their own. In 2011-2012 I posted a blogspot “Crimes I reported that remain ignored” about the following subjects:
  1. The alleged suicide of Cliff Baxter (Former Enron CFO)
  2. The alleged suicide of my former colleague U.S. Coast Guard Radioman Patrick Wesphal
  3. The murder of federal prisoner Ralph Steele
  4. Rapes & Beatings of immigrants at the Krome Detention Center
  5. The murder of my former colleague IRS agent Liston Smith
  6. The murder of FBI Informant of Al Chalem
  7. The Barry Seal , Jesus Garcia, Jose Coutin and George Bush Cover-Up Caper
  8. Money Laundering 101 For Govt. Officials – American Financial Group Style
  9. American War Crimes
  10. The Truth About WTC7 – Why are witnesses being jailed?
  11. The FBI Terry Nelson Drug Ring – Largest in history?
  12. Why Karlheinz Schreiber could not tell all he knew…
  13. The Noriega-Bush Connection – A love-hate affair

Within three days of posting this fairly detailed blog it was deleted and my access to the related gmail was blocked. Yet today in 2015, that gmail used for the blogspot shows as “available”! Yet strangely, my wordpress posts about three of the same subjects and the false murder conviction of Canadian Patrick Kelly remain intact! Go figure.

Other examples can be seen in the many many posts “the truthers” had made about 911, the kazllion posts about Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, and Julian Assange seemed to flow endlessly at Google and Yahoo only two years ago. But today there is surely some deft manipulation at play. Was Google secretly paid off, or is external government manipulation the reason we see less and less about these and other controversial issues in search results?  Try this on for size:  http://gizmodo.com/confirmed-nsa-paid-google-microsoft-others-millions-1188615332  But perhaps we need google to cooperate to help track the bad guys?  If you agree with this premise then maybe you want to take a hard look at this here and the revisit your opinion: http://www.salon.com/2014/11/16/googles_secret_nsa_alliance_the_terrifying_deals_between_silicon_valley_and_the_security_state/ and after reading this, define in your own mind, who are the real “bad guys” that pose the biggest threat to you and your family? Is it some Muslim extremist who blows up an American embassy 4,000 miles away, or the Verizon office three miles from your home that allows strangers to record all your telephone and internet traffic and perhaps activate your web cam and microphone to check in to see if you might be planning to protest some local political event?

The gradual erosion of our privacy and civil rights reminds me of the boiling frogs who never realize their fate until it is to late to respond.  Have Americans been transformed from “We the people” to “We The Sheeple” to “We The Boiling Frogs”?  This is a question many of us are too ashamed to even answer.  If you have children that you love and genuinely care for, are you not obligated to protect them from the massive manipulation that awaits them? Each generation has becoming more compliant, submissive and aloof to the political and economic enslavement of our American society.  If you recall the words of Hitler, we may just be one generation away from work compounds where professions are no longer chosen but assigned and there will be no more need for cash. It will only take one more false flag event to terrify us all into seeking the “protection” of a government that only needs our labor and tax dollars. But it doesn’t have to be this way.  We can protest the abuse that was so subtly and gradually imposed upon us.  We can vote out all the incumbents and look for the Rand and Ron Pauls amongst us.  We need not control the world’s banking nor have a military so big and powerful that we impose ourselves as the world’s policeman without even being asked to do so.

But first we have to take back our Privacy and control of OUR public SERVANTS.  They are not supposed to be our masters, and the fact that they now are, should shame us all for our negligence and apathy.  Go hug your children and think about the world they deserve and what YOU are willing to do to make sure they have more courage than us to avoid the boiling pot?

One thought on “10 Things Edward Snowden Didn’t Tell You About Big Brother – Our Beloved Uncle Sam, and his cousins – FBI, NSA & DHS.

  1. I can echo so many of your experiences here … but I’m destitute, large in part thanks to TPTB, and have a much more difficult time than most about getting the Truth out despite the fact that I’ve been trying to do so since the mid 90’s.

    By the way, WordPress refuses to let me follow you (or I would), along with most others of like mindset.


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